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Environmental research using optical technology 

Starting as researchers investigating global warming, Ocean Optics has a long history in environmental research. As leading supplier of solutions for optical sensing, we have enabled many applications in areas such as atmospheric sciences, ecology, environmental chemistry and geosciences. Our miniature optical sensing units for field measurements, lab analysis and remote sensing include spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibres, light sources, sampling accessories and more. Our instrumentation can be used for a large range of environmental applications such as monitoring solar irradiance, oceanic research, air & gas analysis, water analysis, water quality control, soil analysis, PAR measurements, oxygen sensing, pH sensing and colour measurements. Recognized as the inventor of miniature fibre optic spectroscopy, we’ve sold more than 130,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1989. Ocean Optics is part of the Halma Group of safety and detection companies, a United Kingdom-based multinational corporation.

Ocean Optics EMEA
Geograaf 24 6921 EW Duiven The Netherlands
+31 26 3190500 | info@oceanoptics.eu | http://www.oceanoptics.eu

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