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We revolutionize working at heights and depths. Since 1994 we have been developing our engineering skills and our innovative thinking. With our extensive experience we have taken a firm hold on the worldwide rope access market. ActSafe products are used for everything from advanced building projects and rescue missions to military actions. We are totally committed to our customers and always deliver top quality products and services. Working together with our customers, we design new products that will increase safety and efficiency for working at high and low altitudes. We have a rapidly growing export business through a worldwide distribution network. Durable products with smart design, using the latest technology – that’s what we do best. ActSafe Systems AB is located in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. Renewable energy Work on turbines is one area where the ActSafe Ascenders have been proven extremely useful. For both inspection and repair operations, the working method offers a short set-up time resulting in minimal shutdown of the turbine. Telecom & power Frequent climbing in towers can lead to repetitive strain injuries among staff. ActSafe Power Ascenders can easily raise or lower a technician including his gear, thus eliminating a lot of hard climbs. Inspection & maintenance ActSafe Power Ascenders are ideal for inspection and lightweight work on buildings, bridges, towers or other high-rise objects. Flexibility as well as rapid installation and dismantling make them a good alternative to scaffolding, sky-lifts and powered platforms. Rescue SAR personnel and firemen were among the first to adopt the use of ActSafe Ascenders. Speed and efficiency are essential to them and they immediately saw the potential for saving lives through improved working methods

ActSafe Systems AB
Säterigatan 29 SE41764 Göteborg Sweden
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